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SATISPAY Starting today, Labware integrates Satispay into the cash register and self-ordering systems for convenient and secure payments.

The new era of digital payments. We present to you the Satispay integration with Labware products.


Satispay is an innovative digital payment platform: independent of credit and debit cards, efficient, extremely convenient, and secure. With over 4 million users and over 300 thousand merchants who have already chosen it for their daily payments, it is a reliable and successful solution.

Why choose Satispay?

More and more people are using Satispay for payments every day. Here are the 3 main reasons:

  • Satispay is independent of credit cards or a specific bank; therefore, it’s for everyone
  • Satispay is transparent: no commission for payments under 10€, 0,20€ for all others. Zero registration and management costs
  • Satispay is fast: accept payments in complete security and receive credit on your current account starting from the next working day

Labware and Satispay

The operation is very simple: at the time of payment, the customer can choose Satispay and proceed via contactless mode or by scanning a QR code. At the end of the payment, they also receive the digital receipt directly on their smartphone.

Satispay works with the following Labware products:

  • smaRT: our new cash register, designed with the option to pay via contactless mode or even via QR code scan
  • IQ POS systems: in IQ 10 and IQ 15, you can scan the QR code for payment with Satispay directly from the customer display of the POS system. If you add IQ Display 4, payment with Satispay can also be done via contactless mode.
  • IQ SELF 215: on our kiosk, at the time of payment, you can choose to pay with Satispay simply by scanning the displayed QR code.


There are many benefits coming from this integration:

  • Secure payment: with Satispay, transactions are protected by advanced security systems and continuous monitoring
  • Speed and precision: the speed of payment reduces errors, and waiting times decrease, improving the overall efficiency of payment operations
  • Digitalization: by integrating Satispay, we guarantee customers the option of making digital payments, without using cash
  • Maximum hygiene: this payment system eliminates direct contact with money
  • Privacy: the customer’s phone number or email address is not required, only their device (smartphone or smartwatch) is needed for payment
  • Eco-friendly choice: by paying digitally, you have the availability of the digital receipt, thus reducing the waste of thermal paper, which needs to be recycled


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