• 4Pay

    Pay-at-the-table technology for your customers. Done in complete autonomy.


    The solution that lets your customers order food online in few clicks, in the comfort of their own home or office, at the beach or at school, from any device


    The service that lets you to simplify the tasks around the organisation of incoming orders from the main delivery platforms, phone, webapp or website.


    The digital menu for your business. As simple as scanning a QR code


    The service that allows you to keep your warehouse under control

    Digital Receipt

    A sustainable and eco-friendly choice aimed at increasing digitisation and minimising waste.

    Business Intelligence

    The ideal tool for a complete overview of your business


    The solution to manage your restaurant’s loyalty programme

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Business Intelligence
Through highly intuitive graphic reports, you can:
Business Intelligence

Constantly monitor restaurant sales results

Business Intelligence

Compare them between different periods

Business Intelligence

Perform multi-dimensional analyses by combining different variables and metrics

Business Intelligence

Promptly identify the causes of misalignment and critical situations and identity which corrective actions to take

Business Intelligence


You can customise your reports based on your specific needs:

  • By increasing or decreasing the level of detail
  • By choosing which data to display, how to sort and group them
  • By setting filters
  • By choosing the display method

The data are always accessible from any device. You can compare the figures of two or more reports over specific time intervals, export the statistics to a PDF file and print them later.


A really valuable tool, which is included in the BI service, is Menu Engineering. Menu analysis and management for identifying the ideal combination for your restaurant: we show you which dishes are most popular with your customers and which ones maximise profit.

With a good engineering service on your menu, you can:

  • measure a series of parameters for each dish such as food cost, the number of dishes sold and the profit margin (only if you have installed the 4Stock service)
  • classify the menu dishes based on profitability and popularity by entering them in a specific matrix (Stars, Puzzles, Plowhorses and Dogs)
  • monitor the trend of preferences over time
  • identify any weak points in the menu
  • fine-tune more suitable pricing policies


BI 24 and BI 48

The entry level version of Labware’s BI is included in the purchase of the BASIQ system which allows the customer to access reports with a maximum 15-day history.
This version of BI is an excellent tool for assessing the effective value of the service and getting to know your way around the reports and data available.

Labware provides customers with two different licenses, BI 24 and BI 48, to manage and view the sales data with a history of over two weeks. The two licenses differ only in the amount of time that the data are available, i.e. 24 months with  BI 24 and 48 months with the purchase of  BI 48.


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