• 4Pay

    Pay-at-the-table technology for your customers. Done in complete autonomy.


    The solution that lets your customers order food online in few clicks, in the comfort of their own home or office, at the beach or at school, from any device


    The service that lets you to simplify the tasks around the organisation of incoming orders from the main delivery platforms, phone, webapp or website.


    The digital menu for your business. As simple as scanning a QR code


    The service that allows you to keep your warehouse under control

    Digital Receipt

    A sustainable and eco-friendly choice aimed at increasing digitisation and minimising waste.

    Business Intelligence

    The ideal tool for a complete overview of your business


    The solution to manage your restaurant’s loyalty programme


Food & Beverage


Offer your customers the best experience ever thanks to a complete management system for your restaurant. 

Flexibility and precision to help your staff improve work and reduce errors. 

Labware boasts a selection of products and services created to keep up with your business.

You can manage your menu, orders, kitchen, table rooms, keep track of your revenues and have a complete picture of employee performance, everything on a single platform. 

Thanks to our products you’ll be able to: 

Always keep under control your customers’ orders, special requests and changes. Wherever your orders come from, you will always have a clear view of the situation. 


Easily manage the room and the kitchen thanks to instruments designed for different working environments. 

Get to know your customers better and better, build their loyalty and customize the service offered thanks to data analysis. 


Obtain usable data thanks to detailed reports. 

Keep track of stocks and easily calculate your profit margins with inventory management tools. 


Plan for the future and learn from the past with a clear overview of business data. 

Labware boasts a selection of products and services created to keep up with your business.


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