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We create
integrated management

for improving operating efficiency, increasing productivity and optimising hospitality sector processes

The hospitality and retail market is the area on which we have harnessed our vision and put our skills to use, building a solid international reputation as a highly specialised technology partner, capable of creating innovative, high value-added solutions for our customers.
Hospitality and retail operators choose Labware products for their reliability and quality, as well as the efficiency of our solutions that integrate seamlessly into their workflow management systems.

We design and manufacture with both small restaurants and international chains in mind, developing scalable solutions with different levels of complexity, customised to our partners’ specific business situations.

This makes us “World-Wide Ready”: our products are market-ready because our method is geared towards examining and incorporating the specific features of each country, from language and functionality issues to different legislation and technical restrictions.

Smart, connected, user-friendly devices for an integrated and complete wireless solution.
An ecosystem that has been expanded with a series of services geared towards making the work of the restaurant owners simple and flexible, where we are increasingly focusing our efforts on tackling the challenges facing the world of hospitality today. We can now help our customers to maintain their on-line presence, manage payments, warehouses and inventories, to seamlessly integrate with delivery channels and make sure that even the busiest kitchens run smoothly while increasingly involving guests in the experience offered by the restaurant. 

Not just products - an ecosystem of complete solutions


Not just a group of products but a complete, modular solution: we manufacture P.O.S. (Point of Sales) systems, P.O.S. printers, kitchen displays, self ordering and integrated wireless communication systems for front and back office solutions.
A single supplier, a single style and single way of communicating, each one designed on the basis of the other. Our “one stop shop” philosophy is also reflected in our unique, direct support service that keeps the focus on the solution and not just on the individual product.


The starting point is an innovative idea stemming from the foresight of our R&D team and our continuous research; style and functionality are designed by our in-house style centre; all the aspects of the design process – mechanical, electronic, systems-, and software-related – are developed entirely in house.
Production, quality control and technical support ensure we come full circle with one objective: excellence, which for us means not a goal, but an ongoing process.

Over 25 years of experience,
innovation and growth in the hospitality and retail industry.
Made in Italy.


Labware was set up in 1995, founded on the foresight and pioneering spirit to challenge existing technology and bring an innovative idea to life, i.e. to replace pen and paper for taking restaurant orders with a handheld computer using a wireless link. And at a time when wireless handheld computers did not even exist.
We are now partners with a wide range of businesses of all sizes, from small provincial set-ups to large-scale international companies. We are able to fulfil our customers’ requirements and together we are always looking for the best solutions to handle every aspect of their work.

Every milestone is the start of a new challenge!


We have approached quality system certification as a positive opportunity that governs our daily work. Our innovative methods and the fully-automated production processes guarantee the high quality of our products. To ensure this, we have sought accreditation from the most stringent, uncompromising experts in the sector.

Our certifications have no geographical limitations – we, in fact, hold fiscal certifications in various European countries.


The ISO 9001 quality management system is focused on the quality process within the organisation with the aim of meeting the requirements laid down by the customer and the standard.
TÜV is a global leader in management system certification, one of the highly qualified and trusted partners in Italy and around the world.

Our latest achievement is the ISO 25051 accreditation, laying down requirements for quality in software design.

Read about our Quality Policy.


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