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IQ DISPLAY 9 The graphic display on the customer side for your IQ POS

The elegant and functional 9-inch full-colour graphic display on the customer side is an accessory that fits seamlessly into the IQ design and complements your POS ,making the shopping experience more transparent and enjoyable. It also allows interaction between the checkout point and the customer.


The elegant 9-inch customer-side graphic display integrates perfectly into the design of the IQ line



IQ Display 9 has been optimised to create two distinct areas of the screen to communicate different information to the customer. The copy of the receipt is shown with the list of articles and the total and, at the same time, the system offers the possibility of displaying images or promotional messages.


  • To improve the customer experience and ensure transparency, accuracy and cut down on errors at the ringing up and payment stage
  • To provide your POS with a fully customisable display to communicate whatever messages you like to your customers
  • To make it easier for customers to access your loyalty programme
  • You can place it wherever you like, in free-standing mode or integrated into your POS, customising and simplifying your work area


  • IQ Display 9” shows the open account with a maximum of 9 lines of articles, as well as the total that the customer can see at all times
  • It allows you to show the QR code to the customer for viewing the digital receipt. The store owner can decide not to print receipts any more with obvious savings in terms of time and paper consumption. This important function leads to a decrease in running costs and benefits the environment.
  • IQ Display 9” displays a slide show of images or a single fixed image, preloaded and configured by IQ POS
  • Using the customer display, it is possible to configure after how many seconds IQ POS goes into stand-by and, above all, to adjust the delay between the display of the images in the promotional slide show
  • TFT LCD screen with 9” display area, 1024×600 resolution (no touch)
  • 24V/2.5A input power supply (same power supply used for IQ POS and DOT printers)
  • Can only be connected to IQ systems in wired mode: USB type A-B cable
  • Automatic on/off (controlled by IQ POS)
  • Standard base for free-standing or integrated positioning at checkout point


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