• 4Pay

    Pay-at-the-table technology for your customers. Done in complete autonomy.


    The solution that lets your customers order food online in few clicks, in the comfort of their own home or office, at the beach or at school, from any device


    The service that lets you to simplify the tasks around the organisation of incoming orders from the main delivery platforms, phone, webapp or website.


    The digital menu for your business. As simple as scanning a QR code


    The service that allows you to keep your warehouse under control

    Digital Receipt

    A sustainable and eco-friendly choice aimed at increasing digitisation and minimising waste.

    Business Intelligence

    The ideal tool for a complete overview of your business


    The solution to manage your restaurant’s loyalty programme

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Ditron Network Eliminate queues and keep money safe by adding a Ditron Network automatic checkout

Ditron Network

Eliminate queues and keep money safe

SafeMoney revamps payment procedures by ensuring accurate, efficient and secure error-free money handling at the point of sale, drastically reducing the risk of theft and robbery, speeding up point-of-sale procedures by avoiding queues at the checkout and improving the user experience for both the till operator and the end user. SafeMoney allows all coins to be inserted immediately and change to be given quickly. It allows mixed payments using vouchers, POS cards and cash and can be conveniently used for deposits, withdrawals and currency exchanges. The front mask can also be customised.

SafeMoney Advance is the perfect automated checkout solution for stores with medium to high footfall.

The integration between the Ditronetwork SafeMoney automatic checkout  and the IQ POS systems speeds up and simplifies all payment operations.

Less mistakes, improved hygiene and complete control over payments. These are just some of the benefits of integrating an automatic cash register into the POS system.

Ditron Network
IQ 9
Single-station POS system, ultra-compact, fully integrated and easy to use! IQ 9” is a unique system in the POS market. It combines an innovative ULTRA ALL-IN-ONE concept with a very pleasant user experience, offering the functions and features you need, in the most compact size you can imagine!
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Ditron Network
IQ 10
Multi-user POS system with 10″ TFT colour screen and advanced functions A unique professional solution in the POS market: so compact that you can place it wherever you want, yet having all of the features you could need, integrating all of the necessary peripherals and the most advanced functions for professional management of the Point of Sale.
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Ditron Network
IQ 15
The absolute top of professional POS Systems: multi-user, advanced functions and an amazing 15” display. Furthermore, at any time you can create a complete system by adding Labware terminals.
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