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    Pay-at-the-table technology for your customers. Done in complete autonomy.


    The solution that lets your customers order food online in few clicks, in the comfort of their own home or office, at the beach or at school, from any device


    The service that lets you to simplify the tasks around the organisation of incoming orders from the main delivery platforms, phone, webapp or website.


    The digital menu for your business. As simple as scanning a QR code


    The service that allows you to keep your warehouse under control

    Digital Receipt

    A sustainable and eco-friendly choice aimed at increasing digitisation and minimising waste.

    Business Intelligence

    The ideal tool for a complete overview of your business


    The solution to manage your restaurant’s loyalty programme


For Labware, sustainability is central to every action and decision.

Our commitment to green policies addresses consumption, savings and recycling to ensure a better future.

Our sustainable actions fall into two main categories: internal company practices and customer-focused initiatives.

Firstly, the company’s infrastructure is managed using smart automation technology to optimise energy consumption, maintaining constant humidity and temperature levels in our offices to prevent waste.

We also plan to install photovoltaic panels to further reduce our energy and electricity use.

Secondly, we have worked very hard on our product packaging. Over time, we have significantly reduced our plastic usage and now use 100% recycled and recyclable paper for outer packaging.


All of our packaging complies with the most important paper recycling certification standards, including:

  • Recyclable corrugated board
  • Resy mark: guarantees that our corrugated board packaging qualifies for recovery by the secondary raw material and/or waste material collectors’ Association and for recycling by the paper mill association. The RESY mark indicates that the raw material, paper and board is 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Comieco: the National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging
  • PAP 20: is a recycling code determined by Commission Decision 97/129/EC that identifies the material as corrugated board (in boxes as packaging)

For customers, the first action we have taken is to implement the digital receipt. Approved in December 2022, digital receipts save on the use of thermal paper by operators.

Receipts are typically printed on thermal paper, which cannot be recycled as paper waste due to its chemical treatments. This makes reducing its usage even more important.

Typically, 1 roll of thermal paper for receipts is 80 cm wide and 80 metres long, and weighs 290 grams. An average receipt is about 15 cm long, such that an 80-metre-long roll (=8000 cm) allows 533 receipts, translating into 1 roll consumed every 2 days.

Switching to digital receipts therefore cuts paper usage by at least 50%, extending a roll’s lifespan from 2 to 4 days, with an average of 133 receipts printed per day as opposed to 266. Therefore, it is safe to say that in one year, around 46 kg of paper is saved. Not exactly a small figure.


Labware has embarked on a path of quality system regulation, viewing certifications as an opportunity to positively influence our actions. To ensure this, we have sought accreditation from the most stringent, uncompromising experts in the sector.


Our certifications have no geographical limitations – we, in fact, hold fiscal certifications in various European countries.


TÜV is a global leader in management system certification, one of the highest qualified and trusted partners in Italy and around the world.


The ISO 9001 quality management system is focused on the quality process within the organisation with the aim of meeting the requirements laid down by the customer and the standard. The goal is to demonstrate our ability to provide compliant products and/or services, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and improving performance.

Our latest achievement is ISO 25051:2014, which establishes quality requirements in software design.


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