VNE Safer payments with the integration of vne’s automated payment solutions with labware’s iq pos systems

Labware integrates the POS systems of the IQ line with VNE’s automated payment solutions.

Discover all the benefits.


The payment phase can be critical. Managing this phase with a highly professional tool generates a series of positive factors both for the end customer and for the store owner.



VNE’s automated payment solutions are machines that manage the entire payment process through banknotes and coins, dispense change, and issue receipts. Here are the main benefits:

  • accurate calculations: the machine performs all calculations without mistakes, ensuring the correct amount of change
  • elimination of scams: the machine only accepts valid banknotes and coins
  • reduction of theft: the machine ensures the safety of the money
  • better hygiene: money is not touched by the store owner. This translates into greater convenience for the shopkeeper, who does not have to use gloves, wash hands frequently, or use disinfectants
  • complete customer assistance: the shopkeeper can fully focus on interacting with the customer, leaving the payment to the VNE automated system!
  • faster processes: payment will be faster, and queues shorter


Choosing a VNE automated payment solution means choosing the best product at a competitive price while benefiting from excellent after-sales service. In other words, with VNE, the shopkeeper is free from cash register efforts, with a better management of their revenue even during their free time.


The Labware integration is valid for all VNE automated solutions, in order to make the management of all payment functions simple and fast.

Integrated versions

Among the available integrations, there are the integrated versions:

  • VIRTUO and VIRTUO 2.0 are suitable for small to medium cash transaction volumes.
  • 4PAY is recommended for medium to large cash transaction volumes.

Modular versions

Then there are the modular versions, which can be combined and customized according to your needs.

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