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FOOD COST in Cloud With foodcost in cloud® and iq labware, manage your restaurant from anywhere

Labware integrates the POS systems of the IQ line with the FOODCOST in Cloud software.

Discover all the benefits.
FOOD COST in Cloud

Food Cost in Cloud and the integration with Labware’s IQ

Foodcost in Cloud is the platform created to manage and monitor restaurant activities, designed by people with over 25 years of experience in the field. It provides the tools to eliminate waste and scale your restaurant business from wherever you are.


Thanks to the connection with IQ, you can automatically download inventory and production data, generate orders to suppliers based on sales, analyse sales by food cost and company cost, and update your income statement in real time without ever waiting for the accountant’s data again.


Key features and benefits:

  • Smart production and recipe management
  • Label Printing and Traceability with Lots and expiry dates
  • Automated inventory control
  • Smart registration of products in stock
  • Automatic compilation of daily/monthly income statement
  • Menu Analysis
  • Supplier management and price change alert
  • …and much more

Benefits for continuous growth

Foodcost in Cloud helps you manage the entire restaurant business, with the possibility of being supported by managers and experts.

  • Revenue growth: all the tools to scale your business
  • Management cost reduction: identify and reduce waste and mistakes
  • More profits: increase revenue and margins on every dish
  • More freedom for restaurateurs: automate dozens of activities
  • Zero sanctions: manage aspects related to regulatory compliance


Foodcost in Cloud adapts to the management control of any restaurant business: from production labs, to family restaurants, to direct or franchised chains.

For the restaurateur/entrepreneur:

  • Automatic reading and transcription of costs and revenues
  • Income statement for targeted management control
  • Profits and margins in real time
  • Analytical control of consumption, expenses, and waste
  • Automatic upload and download of sales and inventory
  • Suppliers, easy orders, payments and price alerts


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