BASIQ modulaRevolution

Designed to meet the constantly changing needs of commercial activities, Basiq allows you to easily add modules to expand functionality and performance. It offers a tailor-made POS system for each business, ready to grow with it.
From fine dining to casual and quick service environments, from boutiques and small stores to retail chains, there is a specific model and configuration suited to the size and characteristics of your business! DESIGNED AND MADE IN ITALY.

Compliant telematic cash register

The Basiq system complies with the requirements of current Italian legislation thanks to the perfectly integrated RT-type fiscal printer (Telematic Cash Register) already set up for the telematic transmission of fees to the Revenue Agency. Furthermore, the system is already approved for Italy’s Receipt Lottery.

This simple and professional solution is able to respond to new regulations promptly and smoothly.


This is the first POS System based on a powerful and innovative modular design that goes far beyond traditional categories, with fully integrated and easily detachable components that combine into five different models.
— Basiq’s advanced modularity allows for smooth upgradability and exceptional versatility, integrating the accessories needed to effortlessly grow the product on a gradual scale of complexity, from a simple cash register for issuing a receipt, to an advanced tool, which can also be connected to the network in a complete system.
— With Basiq 10” and 15” models, multiple Labware printers and handhelds can also be added and connected wirelessly to create a complete system.
The advantages are enormous: from the warehouse to management of the customer network, everything becomes easier and more efficient, with lower costs and wider growth prospects.

BASIQ has won the Good Design™ Award in the Retail Fittings category.
The awards program by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design is the oldest and one of the most recognized programs worldwide, celebrating excellence in design and engineering.
The Chicago Atheneum has honored BASIQ with the prestigious Good Design Award, in recognition of the company’s success in combining the quality and excellence of Made in Italy design with the innovation and the technical know-how built in over 25 years of history in the hospitality and retail sector.

A high-tech heart at the centre of an extraordinary modular body

The central module of the line is a fiscal printer that stands out for its technical characteristics, a true jewel of technology and performance. Therefore also the entry-level model meets standards of undisputed professionalism and guarantees excellent performance.

In addition, BASIQ is the first cash register with a colour display!

Stylish, Versatile, Yours!

Basiq can be matched to the style of the venue and contribute to strengthen its visual identity with a customized sticker, specifically designed and printed for you, which shows the logo and colours of your brand, as well as any background texture of your choice.
Turn the point of sale into an effective communication tool and make your brand shine!

Simple adhesive or special materials such as leather, denim, Alcantara can be applied on the customer side for a real touch of elegance, unique and personalized!

In addition, on the back of the machine is a special area to apply the label containing the logo of the Revenue Agency and the identification QR code, as required by law.

RT-approved Cash Register + Digital menu + Ordering APP

Discover the complete solution for your restaurant