Basiq 9″

Single-station POS system, ultra-compact, fully integrated and easy to use!

Basiq 9” is a unique system in the POS market. It combines an innovative ULTRA ALL-IN-ONE concept with a very pleasant user experience, offering the functions and features you need, in the most compact size you can imagine!
All parts are fully integrated to allow installation in space-constrained places. With a very small footprint, it frees up plenty of space on the sales counter and fits effortlessly wherever you place it. It’s an integrated and versatile solution that delivers excellent performance. Its simple, smooth operations simplify your work, saving you valuable time.
Plug in the power wire and you’re running: simple and clean, with no messy cables around.


This is the world’s first printer with an automatic rotary door.
The exceptional quality of every component ensures impeccable performance. The automatic cutter carries a 1 million cuts guarantee, and is equipped with a special lock-free system that prevents the paper from getting stuck or jamming the printer; the high-quality thermal printhead is warranted to print 100 km of paper tape. The high-speed printing will save you time in rapid and busy environments. The easy paper loading and the large roll (80/78) streamline replacement, which takes only a few seconds!
The RT-type fiscal printer is set up and approved for the telematic transmission of fees to the Revenue Agency, as well as for Italy’s Receipt Lottery.



Give customers a clear view of their transactions and deliver a pleasant experience with the wide-angle Graphic Colour TFT Display integrated on the rear side. A full-colour logo is displayed at startup.


Featuring a white LED high-speed camera Image reader with wide angle optics, it quickly and accurately reads 1D, 2D and QR codes, also on smartphones’ screens.


9″ Display, LED backlighting, high brightness, 16 million colours and IPS technology, which provides exceptional colour consistency and accuracy across a wide viewing angle.
The new generation projected capacitive multi-Touch technology provides unprecedented usability and fluidity, allowing up to ten-finger manipulation on the display, gesture capability and unlimited touch life.
The true-flat glass surface is robust, easy to clean and spill-proof.



A dedicated and proprietary software offers the main functions for managing your POS System with absolute ease of use.
For any operation, from setting up the cash register to consulting sales data and statistics, you just need your smartphone.
A solution specifically designed for smooth and stress-free management and operation!


Always at hand, as easy as using your smartphone!
On all models in the Basiq line, in addition to the hardware keyboard, there is a virtual keyboard that can be activated and comfortably displayed on your smartphone in few seconds by scanning the related QR code, without having to download any app.
Quick and easy, it can be used anytime, for service operations or in any case a replacement keyboard is needed.


Basiq can connect to the Internet via cable or via wi-fi. A dedicated port allows connection to any cash drawer and provides direct control of it.
To Basiq 9″ you can connect: • Service printer via USB

Technical Specifications

  • 9″Display, IPS Technology
  • Capacitive Multi-Touch screen, up to 10 finger manipulation
  • Gesture capability
  • Unlimited touch life
  • Tilting screen
  • Robust, anti-scratch, spill-proof
  • 2.2″ TFT colour Customer Display
  • Integrated RT fiscal printer, high speed, large paper roll (80/78)
  • Settings and management from smartphone
  • Single-station POS system
  • Remote control via Internet
  • Cash drawer interface
  • View real-time statistics, inventory and revenue via APP
  • Absolute security and reliability (proprietary system)


  • Barcode Reader
  • QRCode Reader on customer-side, for electronic invoice and digital payment
  • IR Money Detector