We connect ideas and technology and turn them into products
We connect products and needs and turn them into solutions
We connect visions and partners and turn them into strategies
We connect strategies and markets and turn them into future

Our values are the foundation of our corporate identity and drive every step of the company’s evolution.
These values that guide and connect all Labware’s employees and partners are the basis of our corporate culture.

“Glocal” approach: Thinking globally, acting locally

We have shaped our corporate culture to address the need to face this global market,  yet vitally to be sensitive to the requirements of each local market, devising our personalized formula for “glocalization”.

Our design and production takes account of both the small independent restaurant and international chains, as well as the fashion stores on famous shopping streets, developing scalable solutions with different levels of complexity, customized for our partners’ specific markets.

This makes us “World-Wide Ready”: our products are ready for foreign markets, because our method is to study and take on board the specific requirements in each country, from language problems to issues of functionality, different legislation, and various technical restrictions.

Commitment to Quality

Our idea of quality is not limited to product reliability and safety – it permeates every aspect of our daily operations here at Labware; it’s the only method we know and practise.

Labware quality is the result of a careful, thoughtful process that includes a combination of objective and perceptual aspects, in a continual quest for perfection.

Care in construction is already evident in every surface, finish, in the selection of materials, which are subject to extensive technical tests. Each product is carefully tested individually – because we believe the approximate nature of random testing falls well below our quality standards.

User-centered design

Innovative Technology. Beautiful Simplicity. Intuitive Use.

In our niche sector, we are recognized as the first to introduce innovation by combining design and technology, making Labware the benchmark for the competition.

At Labware, design means not only good taste and beauty – an integral part of our Italian character – but first and foremost the study of how the product works and interacts with the user. The product is designed around its user, keeping the focus firmly on intuitiveness and ergonomics – concepts that go beyond mere simplicity of use. The multi-disciplinary knowledge of these subjects is a key part of the company’s know-how: in our style centre the “beautiful” is made easy, and the “Hi-Tech” wearable – all rigorously “made in Italy”.

Technology visionaries

A vision of the future is the driving force of innovation and one of the pillars underpinning our corporate philosophy, as evidenced by the investment in R&D and in long-term projects, based on our original inspiration and on the fruits of our research.

Determined and ambitious, we have the courage to bet on our ideas: this is why every product comes with the technology of tomorrow. 2248

Our devices communicate with each other by radio, with all the advantages of the international Bluetooth  radio communication technology standard.
Once the physical connection constraints are eliminated, we have even overcome those of distance and safety: besides being the first handheld unit for restaurants in the world using this technology, Nano has also allowed connections over distances of several hundred metres.
We support all the digital platforms for the embedded world so that your future, for us, is already today.

Not just products: solutions

Smart devices, seamlessly connected and easy to use, for a complete, wireless, integrated solution

One stop shop
What makes us unique is that we design everything needed to ensure that a range of products becomes a complete and modular solution: we manufacture POS (Point of Sale) systems, touch screens, POS printers, wireless communication systems, integrated software solutions for front and back office.
A single supplier, single style, single coordinated design, the same way of communicating and interacting, and each product designed in relation to the others. Our “one-stop shop” philosophy is also reflected in the assistance we provide: unique, direct support that keeps the focus on the solution and not on the individual product.

The full cycle
Labware has chosen to accomplish a full cycle, because this is the only way to lay the foundations of excellence.
The starting point is an innovative idea that is born out of our human resources and our continuous research; style and functionality are designed by our in-house style centre; all aspects of the design process are developed entirely in house: mechanical, electronic, systems science, and software. Production, quality control and technical support ensure the cycle is completed with one aim: excellence, which for us means not a goal, but a continuous process.
Every customer service report, any issues or technical achievements, are turned into business know-how creating a virtuous circle of development.